Student Council


Our Student Council play a vital role in all aspects of school life within our school. The term ‘pupil voice’ refers to ways of listening to the views of pupils and/or involving them in decision-making.

The School Council consists of 1 representative from each class (3rd – 6th).  The Council meet regularly thanks to the hard work of Ms Fanning.

Our Student Council places a strong emphasis on ‘pupil voice’ and ‘consulting pupils’. In our school, we like to engage pupils as active participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school community.

Why involve children and young people?
Pupils should have opportunities to express their opinion in matters that affect their lives. Some of the benefits of involving children and young people in decision making are:
• It encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society – Our Student Council nurtures skills such as cooperation and communication
• It contributes to achievement and attainment  – Empowering pupils increases confidence, self respect, competence and also develops a sense of responsibility

Student Council 2020/2021 Update

What a year it has been! Thanks to our newly formed Student Council for the active role they have played in school life during the year. Some of their achievements include organising mad hair day, drawing up rotas for sport equipment and communicating decisions and progress to their class.

Here is a message from the Student Council to all the pupils of Duleek GNS on the last day of the academic school year.

Student Council Message