This section will show you examples of interesting STEM activities that occur within Duleek GNS. Here is a picture of our Plaque of STEM Excellence for 2018-2019. This is the highest award that a school can achieve and commends our school for deeper engagement, whole school involvement and external science engagement in Science, Maths and Engineering Programmes.

STEM news

Maths Week 2021

Maths Week: Thursday Puzzle

Thursday World Cup Puzzle There are 6 teams in a group. Each team plays every other team twice. How many games are there in total? Wednesday Puzzle Solution:  Lucy is 8

Maths Week 2021

Maths Week: Wednesday Puzzle

Wednesday Age Puzzle Sarah is three times as old as Peter. Max is twice as old as Peter. Lucy is two years older than Max. Altogether their ages add to 26 years. How old is Lucy? Tuesday Handshake Puzzle Solution: 6   Displaying this puzzle in a square format...