Grandparent’s Day

February 6, 2020

By Will

Duleek GNS welcomed the parents and grandparents of sixth class pupils on the 29th January as part of Catholic Schools Week. A lovely Mass was held in the church for the occasion. Father Conlon perfectly articulated the important role that grandparents have in the girl’s lives. The 6th class students performed a number of beautiful songs and a big thanks to class teachers Ms Costigan and Ms Fitzgerald for their role in making this happen.

Grandparents were then invited back to the school where they were treated to some refreshments by our Parent’s Council. Sincere thanks to them for being so generous with their time. Finally, grandparents were treated to more songs from our lovely choir which is expertly led by Ms Heavey and Ms McKelvey Connell. Some grandparents joined our choir for the day and it was an opportunity for them to share a nice moment with their grandchildren.

Thanks to all for attending.

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