Community The Board of Management is set up to manage the school on behalf of the Patron for the benefit of the children in the school and their parents. The Board of Management is made up of representatives of the parents and teachers in the school, representatives of the patron and also community representatives who have a particular interest or expertise.

The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective management of the school. All eight members of the Board once appointed act together as a unit. Individuals do not act as representatives of various groups within the Board.

It was agreed unanimously by all board members that an agreed report should be shared with the school community after each meeting. This will keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on in Duleek GNS at board level.

Agreed Report 13.2.24

Agreed Report 13th December 2023

Agreed Report 4th October 2023

Agreed Report 12th October 2022

Agreed Report 15th June 2022

Agreed Report 16th February 2022

Agreed Report 1st December 2021

Agreed Report 6th October 2021

Agreed Report 24th June 2021

Agreed Report 15th April 2021

Agreed Report 3rd February 2021

Board of Management Agreed Report 10th December 2020

Duleek GNS Agreed Report 21st October 2020

Agreed Duleek GNS Board Report 22nd July 2020

Agreed Report 6th May 2020

Agreed Report BOM 12th March 2020



The following are members of the Duleek GNS Board of Management.

Patrons’ Representatives:

Maria Nestor (Chairperson)

Fr. Mark English PP


Parents’ Representatives:

Stephen McKee

Paula McDonald


Teachers Representatives:

Jenny Murray

Pádraig McGovern


Two Community Representatives:

Joe McGarvey

Olive Wall


The Board began its four-year term of office on Dec.1st 2023.